PlanConverter is a program for converting FSX and FS9 flightplans for use with the SimuFly Carousel IV-A INS system found in the Flight Sim Labs Concorde-X. The program is currently not fully complete as was originally imagined, however it is quite stable and working.

Development of the tool is currently on hold, indefinately.


  • - Version 0.4.2 released.


  • Converts FSX and FS9 flight plans
  • Supported external planners (tested):
    • Super Flight Planner, both FS9 and FSX format
    • FS Navigator (FS9 format)
    • FS Commander (FS9 format)
    • vroute (FS9 and FSX format)
    • FSBUILD (FS9 and FSX format)
  • Others might work as well (let me know!)
  • Flight plans from external planners must be exported in FSX or FS9 format.


Latest version

Download the latest version:


PlanConverter is released under the BEER-WARE LICENSE. This program was originally written by Klas Björkqvist <>. You may use and distribute it however you like as long as you keep this notice intact. Should we ever meet and you think the program is worth it, you are encouraged to buy me a beer.